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Sushi: refers to a broad range of food prepared with special sushi rice and vinegar. Lots of fillings and topping are used such as vegetables, chicken and fish. People sometimes mistakenly think all sushi is raw fish; raw fish is one type of sushi called sashimi. Sashimi: Raw/ smoked/ seared/ marinated fish. Maki Rolls: Rice and fillings rolled in a sheet of nori. Nori: Dried sheet of seaweed paper used for wrapping different types of sushi. California Roll: Maki roll of avocado and crabsticks in rice coated in sesame seeds. Wasabi: Very hot green Japanese horseradish. Temaki Sushi: Like a maki roll but rolled into a cone shape also known as hand rolls. Soy Sauce: Dark rich sauce made from soy beans and wheat. Nigiri Sushi: a mound of rice with a thin layer of topping draped across the top, usually vegetables, fish or Japanese tamago omelette. Gunkan Sushi: A tub of rice wrapped in nori and filled with a filling – looks like a boat. Gari: special pickled Japanese ginger used to cleanse the palate. Miso Soup: Traditional Japanese soy bean soup.